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Agency Disclosure

Agency Disclosure

What should the consumer understand about agency disclosure?

Agency, Disclosures, and Other Ticking Time-bombs – by Blanche Evans, Realty Times  
Agency Disclosure Noncompliance Is Getting Worse –  by Blanche Evans, Realty Times

Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Relationships

When you enter into a discussion with a real estate agent regarding a real estate transaction, you should from the outset understand what type of agency relationship or representation you wish to have with the agent in the transaction. This disclosure is required by California Civil Code. Within California, this disclosure is frequently accomplished by using California Association of REALTORS form AD-11.

The content of the disclosure is specified by California Civil Code and therefore can be displayed. Read the content of the agency-disclosure (pdf:76kb).The actual form is copyrighted material. Creekside Realty West is able to forward a copy of this form to potential clients by email. Request AD-11.

If you want to read more, portions of the California Civil Code are available here.

Disclosure and Consent for Representing More Than One Buyer or Seller

Although not a required by California Civil Code, you should decide up-front if you want your real estate broker

  1. representing more than one Buyer with similar requirements or
  2. b) multiple Sellers with similar properties.

Remember this is not just the individual agent you are working with but ALL the agents working for the same broker. This greatly increases the likelihood of this conflict, especially in a hot seller’s market with multiple buyers making offers on most properties. Some real estate firms have only one broker for many offices. A major advantage of working with an independent brokerage sure as Creekside Realty West is you the consumer can minimize or eliminate this conflict of interest.

Because this form is not specified by California Civil Code and because the form is copyrighted by California Association of REALTORS® we are prohibited from publishing the form here. However, Creekside Realty West can send this form to potential clients by email. Request DA-11

California and National Association of Realtors

Visit the California Association of Realtors for more information: CAR

Visit the National Association of Realtors for more information on Code of Ethics and Professional Standards: NAR